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Phone Bliss ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience. Guests can effortlessly record and share their sentiments, creating a personalised audio time capsule for you to cherish.

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Capturing heartfelt moments has never been easier. With Phone Bliss, your guests can leave their warm wishes, funny anecdotes, or heartfelt messages, turning your special occasions into timeless treasures.

Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, or any celebration, let’s turn your memories into a symphony of voices! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Audio Guest Books capture the laughter, love, and heartfelt messages that make your special occasions truly unforgettable. 

Simply turn on the Audio Guest Book using the switch on the bottom of the phone, after which it will beep. Pick up the handset and leave your message after the beep!

Yes! All of our Audio Guest Books come with a lovely instruction sign for you to leave beside the phone.

The battery life of Phone Bliss’s Audio Guest Book is 50 hours.

No, no, and no! That is the beauty of having Phone Bliss’s Audio Guest Book. They are self-contained and come fully charged, so there’s no need to plug in!

You will receive your Audio Guest Book before your scheduled event via Australia Post. Within your parcel will be a Pre-paid Return satchel which you will send back the Audio Guest Book after your event.

We will express post your Audio Guestbook from Phone Bliss so it arrives at least 3 days prior to your event. You will be provided with a pre-paid postage bag inside so that you can return it to us. We ask that you send it back to us within 3 days of the event conclusion.

Once we receive the audio guest book back from Australia Post, you will have your voicemails delivered typically within 24 hours! During busy periods, this can extend to a few days.

YES! You most definitely can, and we highly recommend doing this. Simply email us your personalised message, and we load it onto the phone for you. We recommend using your voice memo app on your phone to record this, or you can send us a video of your greeting message. Guests will then hear your voice(s) before leaving their message! It also enhances your final collated recording as it is added to the beginning, which makes for a nice sentimental touch.

From our experience, anywhere between 10 – 40 minutes / 30 – 120 voicemails.

We aim to leave all voicemails for you to hear!

The sooner you book with Phone Bliss, the better. Busy seasons such as Oct/Nov/Feb/Mar will require you to book sooner to get your desired color.

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Crafting Timeless Memories Has Never Been This Simple. Make Your Special Occasion Unforgettable. 

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