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Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Our Audio Guest Book hire brings a touch of elegance to your events, allowing guests to leave heartfelt messages, laughter, and well-wishes through the power of voice.

Available for any place in Australia

We offer audio guests book hire to all states and territories of Australia

Passionate Storytellers

We are dedicated to preserving the beauty of moments through innovative and nostalgic experiences.

Simplicity Redefined

Our mission is to make creating unforgettable memories as easy as pressing play.

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Our Process

A Stress-Free Journey: From Personalised Greetings to Hilarious Voicemails, We Preserve Your Special Moments


Users start by having the Audio Guest Book express shipped to them. The audio guest book will arrive to your door.

Personalisation (optional)

A custom voicemail message can be added to the service. This adds a special touch, making the experience more unique.

Guest Participation

When guests arrive, they pick up the handset and are greeted by the personalised message. They will then leave a nice message, well-wish or joke for you to cherish forever.

Recording Memories

After the guest has left their message, simply hang up the phone and the message will be automatically recorded and saved.

Digital Compilation

After the event, simply return the Audio Guest Book with the included express shipping bag. We will then compile all the recorded messages and send you a compilation file for you to listen back on for the years to come.

Memorable Playback

Users receive the audio, which undoubtedly contains a mix of heartfelt sentiments, joyous laughter, and perhaps some amusing pizza orders. The playback becomes a nostalgic journey, providing a unique way to relive the event.

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Crafting Timeless Memories Has Never Been This Simple. Make Your Special Occasion Unforgettable. 

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